Four Front Garden Changes to Add Value to your Home

In today’s competitive market sellers need to do everything they can to make their home as attractive a prospect as possible to potential buyers. When it comes to your own front yard, what may seem like a minor flaw to you can mean the difference between a sale and a fail.
If your scruffy frontage is putting buyers off before they even step through the front door then take a look at these four changes you can make that will increase your curb appeal and add value to your home.

  1. Change your Front Door

If your front door has seen better days or if it’s out of character with the rest of your home, then change it for something brand new. In the past many older homes were ripped of their character features like original windows and front doors. More often than not they were replaced with practical but ugly uPVC. Today, windows and doors that are in keeping with the period of the home are a huge plus point for buyers and whilst few of us have the time, money or inclination to replace windows, getting a new front door is much cheaper and easier.

  1. Resurface your Driveway

A cracked and crumbling driveway will make your home look unloved and set alarm bells ringing for potential buyers. If you’ve got tired tarmac or crumbling concrete then get your driveway resurfaced. Base what you do on the driveways of smart looking homes in or near your area rather than your own personal tastes as this will attract the most potential interest.

A neat and clean concrete or tarmac drive can cost a few hundred pounds and will instantly make your home look more inviting. A more complex design incorporating state of the art materials like coloured glass, pebbles or even sunken lights will set your home apart if you’ve got lots of competition. Although you may not end up with a higher offer, you could give your home a unique selling point that your competitors can’t match.

  1. Go Green

Driveways often feel functional, cold and uninviting. One way to give a bare driveway a more homely feel without breaking the bank is by adding a bit of greenery. If you’ve got the space for it, place some troughs along the sides of your drive and fill them with fast growing seeds. Sunflowers, sweet pea and marigolds are all low maintenance, big impact flowers that will work well. If you don’t have much space use small pots or hanging baskets instead.

  1. Paint and Point

A dull, dirty and crumbling paint job will make your home look tired and old so give your frontage a fresh coat of paint to attract more buyers. Small cracks in the render on brick façade homes are not usually serious, but can cause concern for potential buyers. Make sure your brickwork is on point by getting any necessary pointing and repair work carried out so the front of your home looks neat and presentable.