How to Choose the Best Door for your Home

A new door can make a huge difference to the look of your home and choosing one can be a lot of fun. This is your chance to make a style change but with a minimum of fuss and bother– there are very few exterior changes [Read more…]

Top Tips For Choosing The Right Front Door

Your front door is so much more than just the entrance to your home, it also acts as the first impression your visitors get, reflects your home’s character and demonstrates your personal style – which is why it’s so important [Read more…]

Double Glazed Windows: How Much Do They Really Cost?

Windows are an integral part of any home. Apart from contributing to the visual appearance of the property, they also facilitate proper ventilation and serve as the house’s first line of defence against the elements. Despite the important roles they play, though, windows can also be a great source of expense for homeowners. [Read more…]

Not all replacement windows are the same

Older houses deserve timber sash double glazing

Even if an older house is not listed Grade I or Grade II it sometimes would be an absolute sin to replace rotting or draughty windows with the usual uPVC replacements [Read more…]

Transform your Home with French Doors

French doors add beauty, light and elegance to a space and can truly enhance a home. In fact, French doors are so popular today that installing them can even increase a property’s value. [Read more…]