Transform your Home with French Doors

French doors add beauty, light and elegance to a space and can truly enhance a home. In fact, French doors are so popular today that installing them can even increase a property’s value. Although they may be called folding doors or sliding doors today, any large glazed double door or similar has French doors to thank for its design.

The Origin of French Doors

It was in 17th century France during the Renaissance period that the first French doors emerged. A combination of wealth and a more adventurous approach to architecture allowed the well to do to open up their homes and display their prosperity with large doors, fully fitted with what was then a hugely expensive commodity – glass.

Timeless Design

French doors have been around ever since, but why have they lasted the distance when so many other design ideas have fallen by the wayside?  The reason is that they engender the qualities of great design – they are both beautiful and functional.

Let in the Light 

A few decades ago most people were happy with hot and cold running water, today’s homeowners are far more demanding. A home that is lacking in light can feel dark, dank and depressing and the easiest way to solve the problem of lack of light is to let more of it in! French doors are a cool, classic way to open up the space you have and fill your home with light.

Light Works!

Having French doors fitted may not be the cheapest option, but it’s not the most expensive either. It’s certainly cheaper and easier than going through the stress and expense of moving home and although you could add more artificial light to your rooms for little expense, nothing beats the benefits of the real thing.

Studies have shown that exposure to natural light increases vitamin D levels, enhances mood and boost the immune system amongst other things, so letting more of it in to your home can really make a massive difference to your quality of life.

Enjoy your Just Desserts!

Until one hundred or so years ago, it was only the very wealthy who could afford to dress their homes with large panes of glass, but today’s technology has made producing glass much easier and now anyone can get the French doors they want at a price they can afford. In fact, today’s glass is so innovative you can even make it work for you by utilising solar heating!

Fitting French doors is easier than carrying out a full extension but will still make your home feel twice as big – and being able to simply fling open your doors and step into your garden will make your outside space much more usable too. Whether you want to find a way to increase the value of your home or just want to enjoy the space you live in more, French doors are the ideal way to let the light in and give your home that much sought after light and airy feel.