Top Tips To Decorating Your First Bedroom

Getting your first own apartment is an exciting time in your life and you will always remember that moment. But you also know that you usually can’t afford to spend a fortune decorating your first flat.

Here are some simple tips to help you organise and decorate your first bedroom without it costing a fortune and still giving you a nice trendy finish.

Start With A Good Rub

Before you move in to your new home it is important to give it a good clean up. This can really help you keep the apartment clean yourself and can ensure you don’t have to live inside a chaos when you move.

Washing up the ceiling and the walls are often enough to add freshness to your bedroom and can provide a polished look. This can often be enough to save you money on having to paint the walls, for instance.

Be Creative With Bedding

You don’t need to have matching bedding in your bedroom. In fact it is a great idea to mix and match different patterns and colours together. It will give a nice funky look to your bedroom and you don’t have to buy a full set of matching bedding straight away.

Houzz has nice tips on how to best mix and match without creating a psychedelic look in your bedroom. Just ensure you always match two different patterns by having the other one a big print and the other a small print pattern.

In colours you can really use your imagination but try to limit the choice of colours to three main ones. This will keep a unified look yet still add brightness and personality.

Add Personality With Wall D