Top Tips For Choosing The Right Front Door

Your front door is so much more than just the entrance to your home, it also acts as the first impression your visitors get, reflects your home’s character and demonstrates your personal style – which is why it’s so important to get it right. With a wealth of styles, designs and materials to choose from, picking your front door can be overwhelming – but it doesn’t need to be! If you’re updating the front door of your home then take a look at these top tips for picking the perfect one.

1. It’s all in the details

If you want your door to compliment your home rather than clash with it then take into account the age and period of the property. You can find readymade doors to suit all types of home from medieval to modern and can even have a front door specially designed. You’ll find traditional style doors in classic materials such as solid wood or more modern materials like composite or uPVC, but if you’re planning to purchase a door constructed from manmade materials consider the environmental impact your door will have once it’s run the course of it’s life.

2. Perfect Finish

Once you’ve chosen the style of door you want it’s time to think about the finish. If you’ve got a timber door you can opt for paint, stain or varnish but bear in mind that if you choose a material like uPVC or metal you won’t be able to paint it. A bright and bold colour can really enhance the curb appeal of your home but if you want to stay in keeping with tradition then do a little research and find out more about the colours people favoured at the time your home was built. Once you’ve made your choice you’ll need to refinish the door with a new lick of paint or coat of varnish every few years.

3. Made to Measure

It’s essential to ensure that you’ve correctly measured your door frame before you make a purchase or you could end up with something that doesn’t fit. If you can’t find the door you want in the right size look for one that’s slightly bigger so it can be cut down. When it comes to fitting it’s essential to get it right so that your door is as safe and secure as possible so it’s best to get the professionals in if you don’t have any experience of carrying out a similar job.

4. Beautiful Budget

As with most things in life, when it comes to front doors you get what you pay for. Although you can find cheap doors out there they won’t be as high quality as something more expensive so if you want your door to go the distance it’s a good idea to opt for the best you can afford.

5. Eco Friendly

These days most of us take the environmental factor into account when making a purchase and although it is possible to recycle uPVC most old plastic doors end up in landfill, so if you don’t want to see that happen to yours when the time comes to replace it then choose wood instead.