Space and Storage Solutions to keep your Kid’s Room Tidy

For many mum’s and dad’s constantly picking up scattered toys and discarded clothes is a huge source of annoyance, but choose the right space and storage solutions and keeping neat and tidy can be as easy as pie! If you’re fed up of the chaos in your kids room then consider one of these space and storage solutions that will make your life easier.

High Sleeper Beds

In the current economic climate many families are choosing to stay in their homes for longer, which means kids are often squeezed into rooms that they’ve outgrown. One way to create more space without putting your house on the market is with a high sleeper which combines an elevated bed with other useful furniture like full sized cupboards, shelving and desks. A high sleeper can provide a place to sleep, hang clothes, do homework and store books and toys and because less floor space is being used, the room will feel much larger.

Storage Beds

Storage beds can either utilise draws underneath the frame or the entire mattress can be lifted to reveal storage underneath. Storage beds are ideal for organising bulky items like bedding, sleeping bags and towels and are perfect for storing seasonal items that only come out at certain times of the year, like buckets for the beach or sleds for when it snows.

Fitted Wardrobes

If space is an issue in your kid’s room then fitted wardrobes are a great solution. You can have wardrobes made to fit flush into the space you have and create an entire wall of cupboards that will provide plenty of room for all your kid’s clothes, toys and books. Once you’ve cleared the clutter simply close the doors for an instantly neat and tidy room.

Carousel Cupboard

A carousel cupboard provides a great space saving solution and is fun for kids to use. Choosing a carousel will provide twice the space of a static cupboard and make the items that are being stored easier to get to, so your kid can get to all the toys they love and easily put them back tidily when they’ve finished playing.

Storage Bins

A colourful set of storage bins are a flexible solution for any kids room as you can include as many or as few bins as you need. Storage bins can be stacked on organisers which helps keep them neat and provides easy access. Once your child has outgrown their toddler toy collection, you can repurpose the bins by sticking them in your loft or garage and using them to store paperwork, jewellery, fabric or whatever you choose.

Toy Chest

If you’re looking for a simple and cost effective storage solution a chest is ideal. You can find a huge variety of kid’s storage chests that will work in all types of room and at the end of each day all you have to do is lift the lid, toss in the toys and your room is tidy!