Scrub Up this Year with a New Bathroom

Nobody likes the idea of having an old bathroom with dated fixtures, fittings, cracked basins and exposed plumbing work. Just like the other rooms in your house, bathrooms should be clean, properly maintained and a distinct asset should you decide to sell your house. When looking for a new home, one of the first things that most people check is the current state of the bathroom.

A well-maintained bathroom can greatly improve the resale value of your home. Yet, when planning a home renovation, many of us overlook the need to refurbish the bathroom or install a new suite. This is mostly because it is assumed that such renovations are extremely time-consuming and will cost a fortune. However, contrary to popular belief, the process of bathroom modernisation is quite easy and does not require extensive investments.

The majority of bathroom renovation work involves basic plumbing and fitting new components and fixtures. For this, it’s a good idea to use the services of a bathroom fitting specialist such as Plumbers 4 U to plan and install the layout of your new bathroom suite. These 24-hour emergency plumbers based in North London can take care of everything from removing your old suite to tiling your new one.

These basic bathroom updates will help to add value to your property without breaking the bank:

Bathroom Flooring: A great way to transform the look of your bathroom is by fitting new flooring. The type of flooring to select for the remodelling process depends on your budget, colour preferences and layout of your bathroom. You can select from porcelain, ceramic, or natural stone tiles available in a variety of patterns and shades.

Shower Updates: Although it may sound like a minor update, a modern, updated shower can completely change the look and feel of your bathroom. There are different varieties of showers and shower heads to choose from, including power showers, electric showers and thermostatic showers. If you have a shower curtain then make sure that you don’t get mould on them by caring for your shower curtain by keeping your bathroom dry and if you do start to see mould you can use a special solution to clean the curtains.

Cabinet Facelift: You can also replace your bathroom cabinets to add stylish storage options to your bathroom. A new vanity cabinet is an easy bathroom makeover and can be installed very easily.  For a cost-effective way of freshening up your bathroom cabinets, consider replacing the doors and drawers of the cabinet while maintaining the basic structure, or repainting them to match your new bathroom fittings.

Sink and Taps: To add an element of luxury to your bathroom space, you can consider replacing your old bathroom sink or taps. Little details like adding a shiny, fancy new pair of taps or porcelain handles can add a lot of value to your bathroom without affecting your budget. It is advisable to replace your sink rather than re-glazing an old one as the cost involved in both the processes is similar.

Planning a new bathroom is a great way to alter the complete feel and look of your bathroom at little expense. For complicated bathroom renovation work at a low cost, use the services of installation specialists and emergency plumbers such as Plumbers 4 U. Using their services, you can reconfigure the look of your entire bathroom, resulting in a more modern-looking space which can not only add functionality to your everyday life but can also improve the value of your home.