Solar Panel Installations

The utilisation of solar panels as a sustained source of energy is one that can be used in practically any location.

Not only does solar energy provide cost-effective answers to energy supply in areas where there is no mains electricity, it is a low-cost solution for even densely populated domestic areas. The cells are completely silent and non-polluting in operation and require a bare minimum of maintenance when compared to other sources of renewable energy.

Rooftop installation is one of the most efficient ways of supplying energy to an expanding community as additional panels can be installed to homes and workplaces as the community develops.

Solar panel installations are quick, clean and inexpensive. However, advice on the exact position of installation is vital to ensure that the most efficient use of the sun’s rays does not compromise the aesthetic of the property.

With the government cutting the feed in tariff benefits solar panel installations have stalled but we believe things will pick up again early in 2013 once the new Green Deal initiative kicks in.