Get Creative! Let Your Kids Decorate Their Own Bedrooms

To see the world through a child’s eyes must be an incredible experience. Kids have what is often referred to as a ‘fictional mind’ – a mind that’s full of imagination, fantasy, and dreams – and this makes them incredibly creative.

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Decorating your bathroom on a budget

Scrub Up this Year with a New Bathroom

Nobody likes the idea of having an old bathroom with dated fixtures, fittings, cracked basins and exposed plumbing work. Just like the other rooms in your house, bathrooms should be clean, properly maintained

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home decorating

How to Make your Shoebox feel like a Mansion

I’m not an expert on many things, but I definitely know a lot about shoebox living. I spent my childhood and teenage years in a glorified cupboard that was formerly used as a home brewery. My mother wanted to use it as an ironing room, but it was too small.

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Glass Splashbacks – Home Décor Ideas For Your Kitchen

If your kitchen has recently lost some of its charm and you are looking for ways to add a little wow factor, perhaps you should read this article. Here we will discuss the much vaunted splashback options that everyone seems to

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how to wallpaper a room

How to Wallpaper a Room

Wallpaper is a fine alternative to paint and some of the patterns can really bring out the best in any room. Many DIY fans tend to steer clear from this option, but this needn’t be the case. This article will show the beginner how to wallpaper just like a professional in just a few simple […]

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best french doors

Top Tips For Choosing The Right Front Door

Your front door is so much more than just the entrance to your home, it also acts as the first impression your visitors get, reflects your home’s character and demonstrates your personal style – which is why it’s so important

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Frozen Pipes

5 Tips For Preventing Frozen Pipes

During the coldest months of winter, frozen pipes are an expensive and inconvenient reality that many homeowners have to deal with. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent the water in your pipes from freezing and potentially breaking a pipe which is costly to repair.

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electric car charge points

What are Electric Car Charging Points?

We seldom get through a week of nationwide news without hearing about the electric car, and there are a number of important reasons why we are so interested in these vehicles. The eco-factor has to be at the top of the list

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clear oiled prime solid wood flooring

Top Considerations When Choosing Wood Flooring

The choice of flooring in a home can really change the look and feel of a place. Do you go for carpet, stone, slate or wood? All of them have their advantages and disadvantages and will give a house a totally different style. Today I will concentrate on wooden flooring

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picture of a condensing boiler

How A Condensing Gas Boiler Can Help Combat Rising Gas Prices

With gas prices soaring across the UK, your older, inefficient boiler may be costing you a great deal more than you should be paying for fuel. When it’s time to shop around for a new heating system for your home, take a good look at the condensing boilers on the market today. With an efficiency

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Decorating your bathroom on a budget

Decorating your Bathroom on a Budget

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most expensive rooms to decorate in any house, mainly because the fittings are so pricey and there is no way to do without them and still have a working room. If your kitchen is looking tired, you can often get away with a few new door fronts or some fancy

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Home Decor Wall art

4 Great Decor Colour Combinations

Decorating is the perfect way to showcase your personality and add some brightness to your home. One of the most important things in decorating are the colours and it is important to find information about the use of different colours before you start adding them to your rooms.

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do lofts need planning permission

Do you need planning permission for a loft conversion?

Loft extensions are normally considered ‘permitted development’ which means they don’t need planning permission, but sometimes if they exceed a certain space or change the look of the roof by more than an allowable amount, you will need to apply for planning.

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3 Great Ways To Renovate Your Kitchen Without Breaking The Budget

DIY home improvement shows are a huge trend on television these days, so much that they’re even on secondary network channels that you don’t have to pay for. What that can tell you is that remodeling, or at least updating,

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Bathroom in Grey and Blue Colours

The Complete Bathroom Refurbishment Guide

Okay, you need to refurbish your bathroom and you want to do it at the weekend, so here is how to do it without any dramas. First you should draw up a budget and find out the cheapest place to get all of the bits and pieces. Once you have got your new gear, the […]

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What is the best driveway surface?

Choosing the best driveway surface for your home used to be something of an afterthought, but times have changed and things have gotten serious. Nowadays you are required to put an awful lot of thought into this process and a well-planned driveway can actually add some decent ROI when you decide to sell the place […]

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home decorating on a budget

Decorating Your Home on a Budget

Whether you have just moved in to somewhere or have just looked around and noticed how tatty things are looking, there is no need to live in surroundings that don’t please you just because you are a bit strapped for cash. There are many ways to cheer up your home decor

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Loft Conversions

5 Tips When Planning A Loft Conversion

Converting a loft into an additional living space, home office or bedroom appears to be a simple matter: clean up the space, build partitions where needed, add some toilet facilities then paint the whole area. In reality, this is not so; you need to do some preliminary studies

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designer kitchen

How About Changing Your Kitchen?

It is often said that all great parties end up in the kitchen, and that is probably true because that is where all of the rest of the food is located. The question to ask is your kitchen ready for a lot of extra visitors?

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Modern kitchen design

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Planning Your Own Designer Kitchen

A kitchen plays a very vital role in your home. Modern kitchen ideas give kitchens a whole new meaning, without restricting it to being just a space in the house. Designing a kitchen,

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How to maintain your driveway

How To Maintain Your Driveway

Keeping your driveway looking neat and tidy is an easy way to making your home look welcoming to visitors and if you are thinking of selling in the near future, it certainly pays to keep it in good repair. Much will depend on what your driveway is surfaced with as to how you look after […]

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7 Steps To Creating A More Energy Efficient Home

How much money are you spending on electricity each year? If you’re answer is “a lot”, then you’re not fully making the most of your home equipment. What if you could save up to $100 each year just by changing the way you use energy in your home? If that sounds exciting to you

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Broken Boiler Callouts Up 72% As Winter Starts To Bite

The blue skies of summer have reluctantly given way to grey clouds and the lush green leaves that garnished the trees last season have transformed the pavements into a wash of rusty reds and oranges. Autumn is here and winter is hot on its heels.

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How Glass Splashbacks Can Brighten Up Your Kitchen

The kitchen is not only the most important room in your home it is also the heart of the whole place and this where we tend to gravitate when friends and family come together to socialise and bond. So why do so many homeowners let their kitchens go downhill so easily? Okay, the kitchen

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kitchen refurbishment

5 Professional Kitchen Remodeling Ideas While Sticking To A Budget

One of the greatest benefits of being a homeowner is the ability to retrofit every single room in the house in order to better suit your needs. While some spaces in the house can be done by the homeowner alone,

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