Mango Wood Furniture Ideas for your Home in 2018

As sustainability concerns are top of the agenda in 2018, it is gratifying to know that there is a choice of quality wooden furniture that ticks the relevant boxes. Mango plantations are plentiful from India to SE Asia and Mexico to Brazil. Mango wood, therefore is already being grown and as with oak, mango wood is hardy and durable, but unlike traditional hardwood options it is certainly more affordable. The wood from mango trees is essentially a by-product of the fruit industry as no sooner do the trees stop being productive they are harvested for timber and a new crop is planted. Unlike the mighty oak which takes 50-100 years to reach full maturity, mango trees develop in around 15 years!

Mango wood carries a unique beauty in its structure and is especially easy to work with. It takes staining and sanding beautifully and the wood itself can be blessed with a rainbow of subtle colours such as pinks, greens and also a diverse array of patterns all owing to a special fungus that grows in the wood. You could compare these patterns to the knots and rot in aged oak – character in its purest form, with no impact on the integrity of the material.

So, guilty conscience fully clear and quality confirmed, let’s take a look at just what options are available to integrate some beautiful pieces of mango wood furniture into your home.

With the vinyl revolution well underway, many of us are dusting off our LPs from the attic and indulging in the rare pleasure of going to record shops again and buying music on vinyl. But where to put your precious records? Well, fortunately unlike those hideous CD racks that proliferated in homes over the past 20 years or so, there are some beautiful options that can work for vinyl storage. This stunning mango wood 3-shelf bookcase does the trick, with the inner shelf measurements at over 13 inches high, offering plenty of space for 12” records, while also providing a home for CDs, DVDs and books (until your record-collecting habit forces them to find shelter elsewhere, of course!) It’s harder to think of a more relevant way of upgrading your storage solutions with mango wood in 2018.

There’s nothing quite like an original, unique wooden coffee table to complete a living room and this one in dark mango is a stunner. Not only does it look the part it features a very useful cavity space for those large books and magazines, but also some very handy drawers for remotes, batteries, tissues and other miscellany that is better off out of sight. Why not make ‘operation complete the living room look’ a priority for spring 2018?

The Retro Chic range at Trade Furniture Company is also a real winner. All items are made from Indian mango wood and you can find a stunning bedroom chest of drawers and a fine mirror that will complement it in the bedroom. The more comprehensive and modern-feeling Dakota range (also in mango wood) is another winner with more options for revitalizing your bedroom this year.