Lighting ideas for Small Bathrooms

No matter what size your bathroom is you need to get your lighting right to make sure you end up with a room that is practical for everything you need to do in it as well as making it feel inviting enough to spend some quality relaxation time soaking in the bath or under a hot shower. And yet when you are blessed with only a small bathroom, you will need a few extra light bulb moments of inspiration to keep your room illuminated to your satisfaction. This is exacerbated by the simple fact that the darker the bathroom the smaller it feels. You will need to get your thinking cap on and get creative. Move away from the traditional and conservative and towards a fresh approach that includes lighted mirrors and maybe some floor lighting.

Either cleverly integrated downlights and spotlights will be an absolute must on the ceiling. If you have a low ceiling then downlights, which are integrated (recessed) into the ceiling are perfect as they maximise the height of your room. There is a disadvantage compared to the most flexible spotlights, however in that while there are downlights that can tilt to focus on particular dark areas of your room that need a bit of extra light, this level of flexibility pales when compared to full tilt and swivel varieties of spotlights. So, the choice must be made as to which suit your needs the best.

As mentioned, lighted mirrors are a fantastic option for smaller bathrooms – especially those that have light strips down each side, as these seem to create the illusion of opening up the space. Even better of course, is a lit medicine cabinet that doubles as a mirror – with storage space no doubt at a premium in the smaller bathroom.

Accent (under) cabinet lighting is another excellent option for bathrooms where space is at a premium as it helps defeat the dark spaces that can make it feel like the walls are closing in, not to mention make for a more pleasant ambience and make it easier to find what you are looking for.

This may seem like a bit of a cheat in an article where lighting is the focus, but small bathrooms do need the subtle helping hand of illusion and one excellent way to achieve this is by tiling your bath and the wall behind it in a dazzling geometric pattern – the same pattern – this has the amazing effect of making it nigh on impossible to work out where each begins, making your space grow to the mind’s eye. Similarly, using the same tiles on the wall and floor can have this effect as well.

Of course, when it comes to being innovative with lighting in the bathroom, you must always ensure that every addition you make is fire rated, with shoddy electrics being a major hazard in rooms where water is so commonly used. It is never worth risking health and safety for the sake of style.