Interior design for narrow living rooms

Sometimes we have to work with what we’ve got, so when you have a narrow living room, how do you make the most of it?

Thanks to more accessible international delivery and huge online design websites, it’s never been easier to find the perfect furniture for your narrow spaces.

Don’t skimp on size

roadhouse-collectionJust because your space is narrow, that doesn’t mean you have to stick with tiny furniture.

The Roadhouse range at Element One House features some gorgeous pieces that are slim but tall. This means you get plenty of storage without taking up precious floor space.

Anything that has a narrow base but reaches high up is worth the money if you have a narrow living space.

Lighten up

Long narrow spaces tend to be a bit dark due to the natural light from your windows not reaching far enough in.

This can make any narrow space look even smaller so quickly rectify it with some stylish lighting.

These can be effective without taking up too much room. Go for inset lights along walls so they don’t stick out, or tall, slim floor lamps with small shades. These two types will help illuminate your room without taking up too much room.

The right stripes

Some people have a tendency to fill small spaces with beige and cream in order to make it look bigger. While this works for some, it can look a bit dated and boring, especially if you prefer modern styles.

There are ways you can inject a bit of style into a narrow room with carefully placed stripes. For example, a striped rug along the floor will elongate the look of the room, making it appear longer than it is.

Use the whole space

It can be tempting when decorating a narrow room to put everything against the walls. However, this can narrow it further, rather than expand it.

Try floating pieces in the middle of the room and create separate spaces with your seating areas, like this airy living room shown on Apartment Therapy.

Two angled sofas can give the impressive of more space than it actually there and a well-placed coffee table finishes off the look perfectly.

Two-tone chic

While you can be brave with narrow spaces in terms of furniture, try not to overload it with colour. This will make it look messy and cluttered.

Try and keep your colour scheme to two complimenting colours; one lighter and one darker. Combinations such as cream and navy, beige and teal, or baby pink and mauve work very well together. Using this easy technique will help create depth in even the narrowest of spaces.