How to Make your Shoebox feel like a Mansion

I’m not an expert on many things, but I definitely know a lot about shoebox living. I spent my childhood and teenage years in a glorified cupboard that was formerly used as a home brewery. My mother wanted to use it as an ironing room, but it was too small. [Read more…]

How to Wallpaper a Room

Wallpaper is a fine alternative to paint and some of the patterns can really bring out the best in any room. Many DIY fans tend to steer clear from this option, but this needn’t be the case. This article will show the beginner how to wallpaper just like a professional in just a few simple steps. So if you have some rooms that need a little TLC, please digest the rest of this article and hopefully you’ll be up and at them in no time at all.

Prepare the walls

how to wallpaper a roomAs with most home improvement projects [Read more…]

6 Great Ways To Improve Home Value

Best Ways To Improve Home Value

Some of the best ways to improve an individuals home value are through technology, Those include but, are not limited to:

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Jali furniture is a really nice choice of furniture for your home. Furniture items such as a Jali chunky tv cabinet or a Jali sideboard will make a great addition to your living room.

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