How To Stay Healthy With A Small Kitchen

It’s not always easy being an urban dweller and trying to eat more healthy. Often, urban dwellers are faced with a huge dilemma – they have plenty of restaurants nearby as well as prepared foods which abound in the local store. This temptation can cause even the most diligent health food nut to fall off the wagon and eat unhealthy foods. It doesn’t have to be that way, there are some easy solutions that will work great for any family whether they own a home or rent it.

Making your Kitchen Healthier

Unfortunately, due to the higher price of living today, many modern kitchens are smaller and can’t accommodate the rich and healthy meals that are so much healthier. One way to deal with this issue is to find better ways to utilize kitchen space. Optimizing your kitchen to produce a better environment for cooking healthy meals will go far in preventing you from stepping out to eat at the local restaurants.

Use Kitchen Design Software

One of the first things to decide in your redesigning is if kitchen design software could help you. If you own your home, you can redesign your kitchen permanently. Properly planned kitchens will help to make better use of space and maximize the potential for using your kitchen more effectively. Go over your plans carefully to prevent any design changes. These are what kill the budget when you’re doing the remodeling work, not to mention how frustrated contractors get when changes are made in the middle of the project.

Go High Up

Even if you rent, you can still take advantage of some little changes that will make your kitchen appear larger and work more efficiently. It’s important to make good use of any space, this should always include overhead space. Many people neglect that space but, if you have tall ceilings, you can go up and create cabinets all the way to the ceiling, shelves or even small pantry areas that will expand your kitchen. Even if you need a small ladder or step to reach these locations, you can place things in them that are not often used such as an ice cream machine, seldom used items or dinnerware that is generally used only on special occasions etc. Hanging pot racks are also great to have and can free up cupboard space.

Using Space and Storage Well

Organized counters are much more efficient and more effective as well. You could create a thin spice rack between the refrigerator and the wall, you can create pull out drawers or cabinets that have rotating shelves, thin cupboards can have pull out racks to store cookie sheets and the like. Refrigerators and freezers can also be built into the cupboards giving a unified appearance to the entire kitchen.

Use Interior Design Tricks

Mirrors and stainless steel appliances open a kitchen up by making it appear larger and brighter. Many kitchens open into a dining room or a living room and you can utilize a bit of the overflow area creatively by strategically placing some items in that section.

Choose Kitchen Appliances Carefully

Consider multi use appliances such as a George Foreman grill that doubles as a waffle maker by interchanging plates. These also have griddle plates and a sandwich press as well as a grill. How about using a well made pressure cooker in lieu of a rotisserie. You’ll be able to cook a variety of items all with one convenient appliance.

Efficient kitchens will make your cooking time more convenient as well as more fun. Putting the time and energy into creating the perfect kitchen the first time will benefit the entire family for many years to come. You’ll find many benefits from making healthier meals at home in the convenience of your own kitchen. You’ll also save a lot of money on the food budget by creating healthier meals at home as well.

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By Geoff Roy

Geoff Roy writes for a kitchen design company called Planen, based in Surrey, UK. They make simply breath-taking kitchens from compact to decadent.