How About Changing Your Kitchen?

It is often said that all great parties end up in the kitchen, and that is probably true because that is where all of the rest of the food is located. The question to ask is your kitchen ready for a lot of extra visitors? And what does the heartbeat of your very home say about you to these visitors? Your kitchen is likely to illustrate the kind of personality you have, or wish to have, whether your kitchen is a traditional country kitchen, or a more modern layout that has been specially tailored to your individual tastes and needs. And get the kids involved if you want them to enjoy cooking and food – it’s one of the tips in this article to get your children in the kitchen.

Paint Your Kitchen Red (Or is that the town?)

Kitchen in the Summer HouseIs your passion in life for all things to be exciting, hot and spicy? Does something a little more gourmet appeal to you? Color can make a dramatic impact on the mood and feel of a kitchen, especially if it is modern in design and painted red. Now, maybe you are not ready to go all out and paint the entire kitchen red, but you could go for a feature wall. Think in terms of a shiny, or glossy red, or if you are not ready to be that brave, you might be willing to take on some muted colors, such as a lighter red or a burgundy.

A Fresher Look In White

If you are more sedate, and your passion is for a simpler life, with no fuss or clutter you might be more prone to working in a white kitchen. White denotes cleanliness and simple design and this could be a good option for you. Having a kitchen in white makes it easier to match your appliances to the kitchen décor, with your refrigerator and freezer, the dishwasher, and stove and oven all fitting in perfectly.

Have The Knack To Go With Black

Black is definitely the statement maker. A luxury kitchen in black makes an impressive statement of sophistication and solidarity. It signifies someone with their feet on the ground and who has it together. You could even match it with a spectacular mirrored splashback for an impressive feature that would really stand out. It will not only be a good-looking feature, but it will be very practical as well. Black is easy to clean and your kitchen will definitely stand out.

Sunshine And Yellow Go Together

In order to bring warmth to your kitchen, you have to go no further. If you are looking for a way to make people feel welcome and to boost their spirits, yellow in your kitchen will get the job done. It will also make a smaller kitchen feel much larger, and when contrasted with appliances that are white, it will give a very open-air feel to your kitchen. Yellow is a wonderful option for a family looking a friendly and warm environment.

Is Blue For You?

It is difficult to know where to begin with so many shades of blue. Maybe you are a fan of anything that is vintage, and if so, think patterned and pale. Ideal for the vintage style, it can also be combined with classic blue and white tiles for the wall. Blue is a very elegant color and comes with lots of options and flexibilities. If you are an assertive sort of person, a bolder blue could be just right for you.

A Green Kitchen For Your Greens

Green may be your color if you are more laid back, and perhaps one with nature. Green is extremely refreshing and works very well with wooden cabinets to give that fresh, farm look in a kitchen style that is very traditional. Chrome appliances, along with a toaster and a kettle will finish off the accents in a refreshing manner.

Are You A Purple Person?

If you like to be the heart and soul of the party and like to stand out, purple may be your passion. Think of a shiny, purple kitchen of luxury. Another idea would be to have one feature wall in a darker purple, with the rest of the kitchen in a lighter shade of purple or lavender to complement. If you kitchen is a larger kitchen, this option will work very well.

Where Do I Start?

Before you jump into a final decision, try some tester pot and see how you feel with the colors, and get some opinions. Good luck!

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