Home Improvement Ideas for Autumn

Autumn has begun almost behind our collective backs. The poor summer that fizzled out without so much as a goodbye has been replaced by beautiful colour contrasts in the foliage, brisk walks through wind and drizzle and pumpkin spice lattes appearing in your favourite coffee shops. Gothic folk are rejoicing at being able to decorate their home with all the trinkets and accessories brought out for Halloween and we’ll soon be cursing as the ceremonial Catherine Wheel fails to alight in the garden as the kids jeer at our miserable failure! All those joys aside, autumn is a fantastic month to think about home improvements as before you know it, it gives way to the start of winter and we all know which festive occasion will dominate our every waking thought from then until everyone breathes a collective sigh of relief on Boxing Day.

The most important room in the house come Christmas, of course, is the kitchen. It can be the hub of entertainment for those endowed with a kitchen diner, but at the bare minimum it’s the behind the scenes room where the magic happens. What better way to ease the transition from the autumn calm to the pre-Christmas madness then, than to spruce up your kitchen with a brand new design. You could get that all-important island installed, which opens up so much potential when it comes to hosting. A lovely marble topped island can be the talk of the room as well and when paired with some upcycled wooden tables or dressers on which the festive pumpkins can really stand out and make Halloween special, you will be in for a real treat.

Black and white and geometric shapes are really in when it comes to thinking of new tiling or floor ideas. It’s a Scandi-look that will be the envy of all your friends should you dare make the jump and will give you the excuse to get some new, shiny black appliances to complete the look. The splash tiling in the kitchen can be redone in white flush brick wall effect, which can add a touch of the industrial trend to the mix. This is a really great look for the bold and adventurous autumn makeover.

Moving on to the bathroom, which will see plenty of use and maybe even be the focus of some fraught encounters as a queue forms outside. All the more reason for a calming new look. Some soothing new shower blinds could be just the ticket – with designs from William Clark offering some inspiration for a great, original look. Perhaps you could even find some blinds for either the shower or the window that feature a woodland or countryside scene, to tie in with the seasonal theme. In addition some dimmable downlights really help to set the mood, while you can get some pumpkin spice scented candles in autumn and stock the cupboard with some pine-scented changeovers to fill the room with festive aromas that add a well-needed zen effect to the room.