Home Decoration through Play

Any parent will tell you that kids love messy play – so why not combine this activity with a bit of easy room decoration, and kill two birds with one stone? Getting your children to help decorate their own room will give them both immediate enjoyment and the chance to have a lasting impact on their home environment. With a sense of pride in their room’s appearance, they are less likely to want to change it often – you never know, they might even be more inclined to keep it tidy! Here are some of those messy play ideas to help get you started.

The simplest way children can help decorate their own rooms is by creating pictures and artwork that you can then put up on their walls. Help your kids pick out some of their favourite photos of family and friends, and make a game of trying to draw the scene yourselves. Last year’s holiday snaps are a good starting point, or try pictures of beloved pets. Painting and gluing with string, glitter, sequins, or making a collage are great messy play ideas that can help your kids create something really unique.

If you want to get even more more messy, try making pictures from hand cut potato stamps, or doing personalised hand and foot prints. These are easily set up craft ideas that just need a little bit of cleaning afterwards. If you have the inclination to try something different, you could even get the children to make their own patterned wallpaper, and use that to decorate their rooms when dry.

Once you’re done with the walls, have a think about the most neglected part of any home decor project: the ceiling. The messy play ideas that often go down the best with little ones involve the opportunity to decorate the ceiling. For slightly older children you could try getting pictures of the solar system and planets for them to try and replicate, while younger kids will enjoy painting stars or even aliens with glow in the dark paint! Once they’re finished making their pictures, you can then cut them out and pin them to the ceiling to hang as mobiles.

Once the decorating is finished, keep the crafty vibe going by helping your children to make a corkboard. Corkboards can be created easily by gluing old wine corks onto a sturdy backing, and can then be filled with your little ones’ on-going creative projects. Your kids can use the board to scrapbook and display tickets, photos, and other mementos of their fun activities.