Home Décor Ideas for the Bathroom

Bathrooms are too often neglected when it comes to getting around to planning and executing some fresh décor ideas in the home. But when you think about the time you spend in the bathroom and how relaxing a nice fragrant hot bath can be or the invigorating effect a shower can have, there is no excuse in not making the bathroom a top priority. Let’s take a look at some particularly exciting and effective ideas that can help make your dream bathroom.

Freshen up the tiles around the bath

One of the most potentially eye-catching bathroom features is the tiling around the bath. There are so many wonderful tile patterns and textures around that can make a dazzling impact, but one that really stand out is herringbone. Herringbone patterned tiles can make for a stunning impact and result in a luxurious spa-esque feel.

Backsplash feature

This beautiful bathroom really highlights the impact a cleverly chosen backsplash can have. Perhaps you have been inspired by your travels to destinations like Turkey or Morocco, where tiling is more adventurous and spicy. As you can see in that particular example, they’ve even managed to match the floor tiles with the backsplash to give an even greater accent on the Arabic flair.

Blind vision

Let’s face it, most bathroom blinds are a little bland. How many times have you walked into a bathroom lately and had your eyes drawn to the window dressing? I doubt you can even think of one occasion. So, keeping up with the adventurous theme, why not add a splash of fun and adventure to your bathroom by opting for some truly spectacular zebra print blinds. Not only does the striking black and white go with nearly any other colour scheme you may have opted for, but it also stands out and draws the eye to the window – so if you do have a nice back garden view it helps you to make the most of it.

Unconventional sink idea

Right now quirky ideas of how to integrate unusual items that might seem out of place, but give a stunningly original feel to a room, is the hot topic in interior design. Why not source a farm trough sink like this one and pair it with some striking nickel or brass taps to tap into both the upcycling / repurposing trend and the slightly industrial look which is so fashionable at the moment.

Out with the new, in with the old

Why not embrace your inner salvager and go out to some auctions or boot sales or reclamation yards and try to find some objects that have perhaps gone out of fashion for their original use and integrate them with an ingenious new purpose or simply as found objects to add a vintage twist to your upgraded bathroom. Medicine cabinets, chandeliers, old picture frames, hat stands and basketry can all be looked at in a new light and given a fresh lease of life in the bathroom, with a little sprinkling of imagination.