Glass Splashbacks – Home Décor Ideas For Your Kitchen

If your kitchen has recently lost some of its charm and you are looking for ways to add a little wow factor, perhaps you should read this article. Here we will discuss the much vaunted splashback options that everyone seems to be after nowadays and we’ll also see
what other bits of bling can be added to round things off nicely.

Why splashbacks?

As well as looking pretty darn fine, splashbacks make a practical alternative to the standard kitchen tiles that have been around since the Ark. They are fairly easy to install in comparison to the fiddly little tiles and cleaning a splashback takes less than ten seconds. The real beauty of choosing your splashback is the sheer variety that is now available. You have the choice of hundreds if not thousands of these awesome looking kitchen décor units. But they also have a pretty practical use that should not be ignored. 

Various types of splashback

Essentially your splashback is going to be made from one of the following materials:

  • Glass
  • Ceramic
  • Stone
  • Tile

Not just pretty

As well as looking pretty slick, a glass splashback also does a top job of protecting the wall from water and other liquids that usually get produced in a busy kitchen. But if you are thinking of installing one behind the stove, ensure that you pick toughened glass. You may be better off with some heat proofed tiles if you really cook up a storm in the kitchen.

Any downsides?

As mentioned previously, you need to be aware of any heat issues when choosing your splashback material and plastic ones have to be kept well away from your toaster or cooking unit. They can be rather dear and if you are dead set on a custom glass splashback, you’d better have deep pockets. They can also be a little tricky to install in comparison to the alternatives, but some things are worth the effort. Just ensure that you get those measurements exactly right or otherwise that great idea that you had could soon be going down the drain. New textured glass designs allow you to choose a splashback from almost any texture you can think of.

Make your own?

If you have an eye for design and can’t stand the cheesy options on display at your local kitchen depot, why not take matters into your own hands and do it yourself? Providing that you know a friendly glazier and choose the appropriate type of glass, you can add your own design to the back of the splashback and save a bundle in the process. Just ensure you don’t go with bog standard glass if you are choosing a larger size. It may look the part but too much strain and any surprise pressure could cause a pretty dangerous scenario in the most hazardous room in the home.

Glass splashbacks 101

Before moving onto the other cool upgrades you can try on your tired kitchen, let’s go over the good points that these bad boys have in their favour:

  • Shiny – Yes, the shine factor is pretty awesome and it does make your kitchen look amazing. The light reflection makes the whole place illuminate and if you are lacking in the window department, a bright splashback can really make up for this rather well.
  • Colour city– The sky is literally the limit when it comes to picking a suitable colour option. And no matter how sweet they look already, you just know that the layer of glass will enhance the tones even more than usual.
  • Cleaning issues – well, a simple wipe of your magic cloth and the splashback is going to come up as good as new. This also means that the hygiene factor that is so vital in our kitchens is also well and truly taken care of. The grime and grease that clings to tiles and paint will be something you never need worry about.
  • Special features – If you look around and find a place that makes these beauties to order, you can ask for all kinds of extras. Why not go for a LED lighting or even a photo-based number for your special room?
  • Bespoke options-As we touched on briefly earlier, if you have an idea that just isn’t mirrored by the suppliers of glass splashbacks, you are most welcome to create your own design and you can even pay an artists to knock something up that will astound your family and friends.

Other kitchen marvels

The only real drawback of having an utterly gorgeous glass splashback in your kitchen is that the rest of the room may look a little lacklustre by way of comparison. You should try to perhaps replace the unit doors with something that matches your new centre piece. Or how about laying down a killer floor medium that could act as a slight distraction from the splashback? Whatever direction you go, just remember that your new kitchen is going to be a hard act to follow, and then some.