How Glass Splashbacks Can Brighten Up Your Kitchen

The kitchen is not only the most important room in your home it is also the heart of the whole place and this where we tend to gravitate when friends and family come together to socialise and bond. So why do so many homeowners let their kitchens go downhill so easily? Okay, the kitchen is going to see an awful lot of traffic day and night and it’s impossible to keep the room nice and sparkly 24/7. But why not look at adding a few attractive features that keep the place looking nice whilst also increasing the practicality side of things? We are talking about the wonderful splashback here and we’ll discuss all of the possible types including the excellent glass version. So please take the weight off your feet for 5 minutes and see if we can’t convince you to open up the heart of your home to a new addition.

What are splashbacks?

A splashback is a term used to describe a flat structure that has been fixed to a wall in the kitchen or bathroom, and as well as having a decorative purpose it also protects the wall from heat or liquid damage. You’ll probably see examples of these behind sinks in the kitchen or bathroom and behind the cooker also. In recent times, householders have become more particular about the splashback and it has become a far more attractive part of the target room as a result.

The different varieties of splashbacks

A splashback could be made from tiles, acrylic, glass or even stone, the choices are fairly unlimited and even stainless steel and bronze have been used in kitchens. The real beauty of a splashback is the way that it offers a real combination of protection and practicality to the kitchen or bathroom and also beautifies the target room.

Let’s talk about glass splashbacks

Choosing a glass splashback is a choice that is certainly very popular these days and the reasons for this are evident once you’ve seen them in action. The way that glass reflects light around your kitchen offers an attractive solution to any poorly situated windows, as is often the case. A dark kitchen is not only a miserable place to hang out in but also pretty dangerous when you’re cooking up a storm with sharp utensils and all of that heat is doing its thing. A glass splashback also has some really good practical benefits that offer protection to your kitchen wall.

Design your own

Why not take the potential beauty that a glass splashback offers and add some of your own creativity into the mix for a bespoke kitchen feature that money can’t buy? You can buy the glass yourself and as long as you ensure it is toughened, you can start having a little fun into the bargain. You can create a collage of family photos and affix them to the back of the glass splashback or even do a Picasso and get down and dirty with some paint and brushes. Just ensure that the finished article is exactly what you like because you’ll be looking at it every time you do the washing up!

The benefits

Glass is incredibly easy to clean and the hygiene factor is one of many reasons that we are seeing these splashbacks in kitchens all over the country. A typical glass splashback will be made using a single sheet of preformed and moulded glass. This drastically reduces the potential hiding places where bacteria love to hang around and do its disgusting thing. Wooden and veneer splashbacks are far more susceptible to bacteria attacks due to the porous surfaces. So as well as being downright beautiful, the glass splashback offers a health conscious aspect that every responsible householder needs to consider, especially those with young families.

Maintenance matters

A clean kitchen is a healthy one and glass splashbacks are just so easy to keep clean when compared to traditional models. Apart from in church windows, have you ever seen glass stains? There is a reason for this because it is near impossible to mark this material. Even killer liquids such as beetroot juice, wine and curry sauces will have no luck when trying to have their way with a glass splashback. Cleaning a glass splashback is a piece of cake and takes seconds with a wet wipe. We’ve better things to do than spend hours on end cleaning our kitchens and the glass splashback certainly shaves a lot of time from the overall effort required.

Any drawbacks?

Nothing is perfect and even glass splashbacks have their limitations. Although toughened glass can stand up to a lot of heat, we would suggest using a different material for taking care of the wall area behind your cooker, but that being said, we’ve seen some mighty fine ones that have taken their punishment and still looked rather pretty at the same time.

So choose your glass splashback wisely and it will be credit to the heart of your home for many years to come.