Get Creative! Let Your Kids Decorate Their Own Bedrooms

To see the world through a child’s eyes must be an incredible experience. Kids have what is often referred to as a ‘fictional mind’ – a mind that’s full of imagination, fantasy, and dreams – and this makes them incredibly creative. A child’s wild imagination, unhampered by the realities of life, is why kids’ drawings and artwork are often so intelligent, so vibrant, and so unique – they don’t yet have experiences that limit their creativity. That’s why a child can make the best interior decorator! While you may not trust your little ones to decorate your living room, they may like to contribute to their bedroom decor, adding a touch of their own personality and truly making it their room. Here are some great ideas to get them started:

Get Messy

Undoubtedly some of the best artwork from kids comes when they’re not particularly trying to create a work of art, but rather when it’s the by-product of an afternoon of messy play. Messy play ideas that could produce some excellent wall decoration for your kids’ bedrooms include finger painting; gluing fabrics, dried grains and pulses to a card background; or even painting using various tools (try sponges and an old washing up brush for unusual effects). Once their messy play efforts have dried, trim to fit into a frame and hang in their bedrooms to add a splash of colour and show off their talents.

Brighten Up Any Window

If your kids’ rooms get a lot of sunlight during the day, make the most of it by teaching your kids to make suncatchers in their favourite colours. Hanging above their windows, they will produce a rainbow of colours to illuminate their bedrooms. A good suncatcher can be made just from tissue paper, wax paper, and glue! Just spread some diluted white glue onto the wax paper, arrange small pieces of tissue paper into a collage, and allow to dry. Then carefully peel the tissue paper collage away from the wax paper, leaving a transparent yet colourful suncatcher that can be threaded with string to hang above your kids’ bedroom windows.

Decorative Sculptures

Do your kids love to play with your expensive, irreplaceable ornaments? Well, why not encourage them to make some of their own instead? They can either play with them, or place them on bookcases and shelves in their bedroom for added decoration. Sculptures can be made from pretty much anything, and they cost very little to make (plus, they’ll keep your kids busy for hours!). You could try introducing your kids to some basic origami, but if they’d rather use their own imagination than use a pattern, kitchen foil and coloured pipe cleaners make excellent materials. These can be moulded and manipulated to produce everything from food sculptures to statuettes of friends and family.

If your kids suggest that they’d like to decorate their own bedrooms, there’s no need to break out in a cold sweat! Allowing them to decorate doesn’t mean letting them paint the walls black or draw across the carpets, it just means letting them add a bit of themselves to their bedrooms. A few paintings, window decorations, and sculptures and they’ll be more than happy with their new rooms.