7 Factors to Consider Before Buying Furniture for Your House

All of us dream to possess a house of our own. A house is a reflection of the personality of its inmates.A well decorated house is always attractive than a simple or clumsy looking house. A house must look beautiful

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Light vs Dark Wood Furniture

The prevailing wisdom of any number of hackneyed antique experts on popular daytime television shows would have you believe that dark wood furniture has been consigned to the history books. Of course, they base this viewpoint on the indisputable fact that prices of antique dark wood furniture [Read more…]

Mango Wood Furniture Ideas for your Home in 2018

As sustainability concerns are top of the agenda in 2018, it is gratifying to know that there is a choice of quality wooden furniture that ticks the relevant boxes. Mango plantations are plentiful from India to SE Asia and Mexico to Brazil. [Read more…]

Finding A Good Local Upholsterer

Reupholstering furniture can be a difficult job. The process is relatively simple, but to guarantee a good finish that lasts a long time you’ll want to work with a professional upholsterer. [Read more…]

Add a Touch of Glass to your Home!

Whether you live in a modern masterpiece, characterful conversion or traditional period home you can completely transform your interiors with a touch of glass! [Read more…]