Decorating Your Home on a Budget

Whether you have just moved in to somewhere or have just looked around and noticed how tatty things are looking, there is no need to live in surroundings that don’t please you just because you are a bit strapped for cash. There are many ways to cheer up your home decor without breaking the bank and some of them can be a lot of fun as well.


Upcycling takes the recycling principle and makes it something else entirely – the final product doesn’t look like a lot of tat stuck together with glue; it looks like a superb piece of furniture or decor which was always meant to look that way! An example of upcycling is in making a rug or cushion cover from suit or jacket linings, silk ties or other old clothes with a shiny or luxury finish. There is no need to strip the wardrobe to do this – a charity shop will probably provide enough clothes for a whole houseful of rugs for not much money but if you can find a jumble sale going on nearby, that is even better. The backing of the rug can be a bought canvas – look for offcuts in craft shops or fabric outlets – or it can even be an old hessian sack. Some greengrocers have these for sale for a few pence. The only real expense is for the hooking tool, but again you can probably find one of these online for not very much money and it will last forever.

Paint effects

home decorating on a budgetIf you have odds and ends of paint in the garage that don’t add up to a whole room’s worth, you can try something like sponging or stippling. These can be great fun if sometimes a little messy so it is best to completely strip the room of furniture and curtains before you start flinging paint about. Sponging is good as a surround to doors, windows and features such as fireplaces and is just what it sounds like – pieces of sponge roughly torn at the edges are dipped into the paint and dabbed randomly on the wall. Try not to fall into a set pattern – the key is to keep it random. Stippling is something to really get in tune with – wear old clothes, mask off anything you don’t want to get paint on and then just dig a floppy brush (or even an old flannel or small towel) into the paint and flick it at the wall. Be careful not to touch the wall with the material – all you want is the spray. If you have had a bad day at work, this is a great way of sprucing up a room for nothing and getting rid of tension all at the same time!

Swap things around

This is the cheapest way of all of sprucing up your home – in other words, entirely free. If you have got rather tired of the look of a sitting room or study, have a look around the rest of the house and see what you can move to give it a new look. Sometimes just moving a lamp from the dining room into the sitting room can give you a new perspective and can really cheer things up. The great thing is that you give two rooms a lift at the same time, because the rooms swap features. If your rooms are much the same size, you can do the same with rugs and curtains – a change is as good as a rest and it is certainly cheap! This works particularly well with lighting, cushions and rugs but you can have fun by swapping a mirror with a picture and see if anyone notices!