The Complete Bathroom Refurbishment Guide

Okay, you need to refurbish your bathroom and you want to do it at the weekend, so here is how to do it without any dramas. First you should draw up a budget and find out the cheapest place to get all of the bits and pieces. Once you have got your new gear, the fun can begin.


Before you touch any of the bathroom connections, ensure that the water mains are switched off. You’ll need to get pretty physical when removing your old bathroom furniture, put on some rubbish clothes and see if your mate can lend a hand. Find a place in the back garden to store the old stuff and start tearing it out. Most of the fitments will have seen better day, but take care when dealing with the pipe connections. If these are damaged, you’ll have a nightmare later on. Start with the toilet, then the sink and finally the bath and shower unit. You’ll also need to remove the old tiles, use a chisel and wear some gloves to protect your hands.

New Toilet

Tidy up the floor area before bring the new toilet into the room, ensure that all debris is gone and brush up any loose bits. The new toilet should be easy enough to fit, ensure it is connected to the waste pipe before fixing the seat to the floor. Connect the cistern section to the cold water supply and use some flexible piping if the new connections don’t reach the pipe. It’s wise to opt for a 2 flush system here as you’ll save loads on the water bill. Use some mastic or silicone gel to tidy up any gaps where the unit meets the floor and wall areas.

Sinking Feeling

Try and choose a sink design that mirrors the original one, this way you can be confident that the reconnecting will go smoothly. Take care when fixing the new sink to the wall as it can be incredibly easy to drop and damage these products. Take a little time to connect the taps to your hot and cold water pipes, don’t fully tighten the taps into the sink until you’ve got the whole unit in place. As with the toilet, use some silicone gel to fill any gaps that appear on the wall section.

Bath and Shower

It’s best to leave the big job until last, and you’ll need a strong buddy to help with bringing the bath upstairs if you have one. Fitting the bath is not actually that hard, just ensure that the taps are in the right place and leave plenty of space to access them before securing the bath in place. Most modern baths are fairly basic units, add a nice panel to the side and you’ll be surprised at the difference this can make to the overall effect. If you have a bath with a shower then fitting a nice new shower curtain can make all the difference too. As mentioned previously, leave the taps accessible because you never know when you’ll need to change them in the future.


Assuming that you have a tiled wall, well you did before ripping it out, leave this aspect until the end. Many people would do quite the reverse, but leaving tiling until the end means that you can start enjoying the bathroom in the meantime. Choose a colour that compliments your new bathroom suite and avoid anything too complicated. A good tiling job can take a whole day depending on the size of your bathroom.


You may wish to upgrade your old shower unit and a tiled floor if you have them installed. With the shower feature, just ensure that you replace the old one with something that has similar connections. It is best to avoid the complex systems unless you have some plumbing and electrical competence, but most of us sadly lack these qualities. The floor can actually be done at a later date. Most modern floor tiles can be cut to fit the new floor shape, and your local depot should be able to do a nice job of slicing those bad boys into shape for you.


Give yourself a pat on the back and make sure you’re the first one to enjoy the new bathroom, why not make a weekend of it?