Tips on doing a house clearance

House clearances are most often necessary under emotionally challenging situations such as the loss of an elderly relative or loved one. Such circumstances often dictate that the pain and often inconvenience of going through everything that is not in the will would far outweigh the rewards. [Read more…]

The Best Alternatives to Hiring a Skip

We all have moments in our life that call for that ominous yellow skip being unceremoniously dumped in our driveway, often without any thought to the precise location or to avoiding those precious shrubs in the borders. There these big, battered hunks of rusting metal with cracked yellow paint sit waiting for us to find that rare commodity of several uninterrupted hours or even days to clear our rooms, garages and even entire houses of clutter. What could be better, eh? Having that great big rusty tub in our driveways depriving us of a precious parking space and taunting us to get our job done. Thankfully there are some viable and wholly preferable alternatives.

Wait and load services

If you are going to be clearing building materials or anything that can be dumped outside your house and collected at a given time, then there is the option of contracting a wait and load service to turn up at your door at an agreed time, load your materials onto their truck and take it away to be disposed of at an agreed fee. This saves you from having the skip cluttering your driveway for a length of time and can even be more cost effective. However it doesn’t help you to clear things from your house – for that we must call in plan b.

House clearance services

When you call in a professional house clearance company to declutter your house, clear unwanted furniture and stored items you can rest easy that everything is in the hands of people whose livelihood it is to clear rooms and homes. There will be absolutely no thoughts of personal injury or accidents. Do a bit of asking around in your local area – perhaps call a local auction house for a recommendation as they are used to dealing with house clearance companies and then remove what you don’t want them to take away before the day of the job. You will be amazed at how quickly your job will be turned around and you should, given that you’ve done your research and chosen a reputable company, be presented with no nasty surprises in hidden costs. You should always be given a thorough and accurate quote before the job and assuming you haven’t neglected to mention any hazardous waste items that will cost extra to dispose of, then the price should be completely inflexible.

So, next time you have a major clearance job on your hands – perhaps you are helping a relative get rid of some possessions and furniture prior to a downsize, or maybe you’re finally doing that project or extension that’s been on the table for so long, you should think before reaching for your mobile to look up skip providers in your local area and give a good think to the clear and often far more attractive alternatives. After all, nobody wants to be taunted by a glorified giant yellow bathtub in their driveway now, do they?

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