How to Choose the Best Door for your Home

A new door can make a huge difference to the look of your home and choosing one can be a lot of fun. This is your chance to make a style change but with a minimum of fuss and bother– there are very few exterior changes you can make so easily and often at very reasonable cost.
There are several different considerations you should remember when choosing the best door for your home.

Level of security

Depending on where you live, you might feel you need to have a high level of security when choosing your door. Most doors bought from companies who also do double glazing and similar home products usually include as standard secondary bolts which fit into the door jamb when the key is turned. They may also have bolts or levers which can be activated from inside only, for extra security at night. French doors normally have an anti-lift device as well, as they can easily be lifted from their frames without it. Most insurance companies will give a discount if all exterior doors are fitted with extra locks or security devices, so it might be well worth spending a little more when having the door fitted to make savings in the years to come.


There is nothing quite so lovely as a front door in a solid wood, varnished and decked out with door furniture such as a nice brass knocker and letterbox. This doesn’t suit every house but if you are lucky enough to live in an older property that would do it justice, this is an excellent choice. The advantage with a new wooden door is that within limits it can be altered to fit a non-standard size so if you have a slightly wonky doorway, a wooden door will still open and close well and make a close fit. Most plastic doors are prefabricated and have no ‘wiggle room’ if your doorway doesn’t conform. A upvc front door is also a great choice as they are fairly inexpensive and are low maintenance. Glass doors can look very classy and if you have a dark hallway you can completely transform your inside space by introducing more light this way. If you want to make your home lighter at the back or perhaps give a better view of your garden to a kitchen or dining room, French doors are an excellent choice and with today’s safety glass and extra security measures, they are safe and secure as well.

Stained glass for that touch of class

Stained glass panels were all the rage in the Victorian era and then again in the Deco period and they are coming back again. Many artists make stained glass for residential properties and you could really make your mark by commissioning a one-off panel from a local glass-maker. You can either have proper stained glass, in which each piece is separately cut and decorated with detail and then attached to its neighbour with lead tape or you can have painted glass, with or without the leading. The only slight drawback with genuine stained glass panels (apart from their very much higher cost is a slight reduction in security, as it can easily be broken, but this can be counteracted by the use of a piece of toughened glass inside, although this does slightly reduce the effect when looking out from in the house. You might also want to consider warning your window cleaner – stained glass can be fragile and if the squeegee is used to vigorously you could have a disaster on your hands. Properly chosen and looked after though, a piece of stained glass let into a door certainly puts a seal on a property and will give you pleasure every time you come home.