3 Gorgeous Bathroom Remodel Ideas To Renew Your Home

The bathroom is an intimate, personal space in your home and even though you don’t spend lots of time in it, it still has to follow the style and design of the rest of your home. Apart from making it extra functional and safe,

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Home Improvement Ideas for Autumn

Autumn has begun almost behind our collective backs. The poor summer that fizzled out without so much as a goodbye has been replaced by beautiful colour contrasts in the foliage, brisk walks through wind and drizzle and pumpkin spice lattes [Read more…]

Home Décor Ideas for the Bathroom

Bathrooms are too often neglected when it comes to getting around to planning and executing some fresh décor ideas in the home. But when you think about the time you spend in the bathroom and how relaxing a nice fragrant hot bath [Read more…]

Lighting ideas for Small Bathrooms

No matter what size your bathroom is you need to get your lighting right to make sure you end up with a room that is practical for everything you need to do in it as well as making it feel inviting enough to spend some quality relaxation time [Read more…]

10 Clever Ways to Make Your Small Bathroom Appear Bigger

Even the smallest of homes don’t have to use a cramped bathroom. With clever planning, and some neat illusions, it’s possible to make your bathroom feel and look much bigger. There are many great tools online, as well as some simple tricks [Read more…]

Scrub Up this Year with a New Bathroom

Nobody likes the idea of having an old bathroom with dated fixtures, fittings, cracked basins and exposed plumbing work. Just like the other rooms in your house, bathrooms should be clean, properly maintained [Read more…]

Decorating your Bathroom on a Budget

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most expensive rooms to decorate in any house, mainly because the fittings are so pricey and there is no way to do without them and still have a working room. If your kitchen is looking tired, you can often get away with a few new door fronts or some fancy [Read more…]

The Complete Bathroom Refurbishment Guide

Okay, you need to refurbish your bathroom and you want to do it at the weekend, so here is how to do it without any dramas. First you should draw up a budget and find out the cheapest place to get all of the bits and pieces. Once you have got your new gear, the fun can begin. [Read more…]