Add a Touch of Glass to your Home!

Whether you live in a modern masterpiece, characterful conversion or traditional period home you can completely transform your interiors with a touch of glass!

These days we’re living in one place for longer periods of time, thanks mostly to the recent economic crash. There are many benefits to holding on to your home for a long period, but one of the major drawbacks is simple boredom. They say a change is as good as a rest so if you want to make a tired old home feel brand new again then the quick and easy answer is a little redecoration.

Glass is the ideal material to give your home a whole new look. This magical material can be cast in almost any shape or size so whether you’re buying a coffee table, dining table, cabinet or mirror, you can find glass to suit your tastes. Follow these tips to find out how to use glass furniture and mirrors to help you fall back in love with your home.

Glass Furniture

Most people want to live in a home that has plenty of space and light. Dark furniture absorbs light and in smaller spaces lots of brown wood can make a room feel darker. Swapping  wooden furniture for glass is a great way to make a room feel brighter and more spacious.

There are tons of different glass coffee tables, glass splashbacks for your kitchen, glass dining tables, cabinets and cases to choose from that will reflect light – and because glass is transparent, it tricks the eye into believing there’s more space too! You can find traditional style tables made of glass that wouldn’t look out of place in Edwardian or Victorian homes, but an ultra-modern glass table is ideal if you want to mix modern and traditional décor.


When you’re fed up of looking at the same four walls all the time it can be tempting to start think about remodelling or even moving. However, you can completely change the way the inside of your home feels with smoke and mirrors!

Double the light in any room by placing a large mirror directly opposite the window. If your mirror is above a mantle, place candles in front of it at night to create an intimate effect.  Achieve the same effect in a bedroom with mirrored wardrobe doors. If you’re not keen on the idea of looking at yourself every time you get out of bed opt for opaque glass instead. You can even buy opaque film and have a go at covering some mirrors yourself.

A dark and narrow hall can really be enhanced with mirror. If you’ve got the budget for it, cover the whole of one wall and install a strip of lights in the floor to make the most of natural light and create a warm and welcoming feel when the sun goes down. For a budget busting alternative stick a selection of adhesive backed mirrors down the length of your wall. You can find them for sale in most DIY stores for a few pounds each.

So instead of feeling fed up in your home, why not use glass to make some little changes that will make a huge difference to the interior of your home.