7 Trending Green Home Ideas in 2015

Creating a green and healthy home is not only confined to separating paper from plastic in your recycling bin and buying organic greens in a reusable tote bag but it means more than. Green living means conserving our natural resources, whenever and wherever we can.
“People aren’t going to change their habits just to save the environment,” says architect George Clarke. “They need to see the benefits for themselves.” So, to adopt a holistic approach for making the properties more sustainable, the recognition of the saving energy needs to benefit consumers and not impose heavy additional costs is required.

“A few simple changes can help save the planet and cut your energy bills too”

greening your home

Here are 7 trending way to help you in creating an Eco-friendly and healthy home.


  1. Insulate Your Loft and Using Solar panels: A quarter of the heat is lost through an uninsulated roof, when the heat rises. So, to reduce your heat loss and bills, you must insulate you lofts, roofs and attics. A report from the US Switch indicates that you could save, depending on the size of your home, up to £250 a year simply by adding roof insulation.


According to EvoEnergy, Britain’s largest independent solar panel installer, a well-designed 3.8kW solar system costing £6,600 could receive feed-in tariff (generation and export tariff) payments of £583 a year, and save £237 a year on electricity bills. The installation cost would be repaid in eight years. The feed-in tariffs will continue for 20 years, index linked and tax-free. That’s an average return on investment of 7.4pc a year.


  1. Installing Eco-friendly Flooring and Furniture: If you want to turn up your home into a ‘Green Home’, replace the artificial flooring in your house with natural products such as bamboo, rubber, cork, etc. Since these floorings are available in a wide range of colors and designs, you will need not to compromise your home’s look. These floorings are Earth-friendly, durable, easy to maintain and clean.

Another way to create a green home is to use furniture made of recycled wood or eco-friendly material-bamboo or teak. Therefore, the best thing to do, if you want your home to look warm and inviting, and to make it an eco-friendly home, invest in wood furniture.


  1. Get a Home-Energy Assessment, and Other Devices: It is well said- ‘precaution is better than cure’. An assessment device shows you, where and why your house is losing energy, with a prioritized list of energy-saving upgrades. You can easily reduce about 30% of your energy bill with this assessment. Also, you can use Smart Meters which track your energy usage by date and time. The result, they produce is a smaller energy bill. You can get you home energy assessment from a certified green deal assessor who will produce an Energy Performance Certificate for your home. EPC certificate will include energy saving recommendations for your home. It will showcase in which part of your home energy improvements can be made and how much you can save on energy bills.


“Go Green, Save Energy Bills and Create a Better World”


  1. Draught-Proofing: Both draught and ventilation, let fresh air into your home, but good ventilation helps reduce condensation and humidity. Draughts are uncontrolled; they let in too much cold air and waste too much heat. To draught-proof your home, you should block up unwanted openings that let cold air in and warm air out. To avoid this, you should seal windows, doors, loft hatches and pipework leading outside and even the letter box. Saving warm air means you will use less energy to heat your home, so you will save money as well as making your home warm and pleasant. This is the cheapest and the most efficient way to save energy. According to the Energy Saving Trust, you can save up to £55 per year by implementing Draught-proofing.


  1. Install or Replace Old Appliances with Energy Star Appliances:The major appliances in your home — refrigerators, clothes washers, dishwashers account for a big amount of your monthly bill. And if these appliances are more than a decade old, you’re spending a lot more on energy than you need to. It is good to use ‘Energy Star Appliances’ rather than using the old ones, if you really want a drastic lowering in your monthly bills. Of course, Energy Star appliances run the extent from air conditioners to lawn care tools. There are general guidelines for how much an Engery Star product can save your household, as compared to a non-Energy Star model.

AMDEA is helping to bring the effort to the public consciousness with its Time to Change campaign, meant to encourage the public to replace some 15.4 million outdated home appliances in the UK with high-efficiency models.

  1. Natural Household Cleaners: Cleaning is an essential activity for every house. Using toxic chemical cleaners for cleaning the house and pesticides against household pests does not help in creating a green home. It is very easy and cheap to make and use your own natural cleaners. Also, there are many natural and more sustainable options of controlling household pests. Even, despite of using an electrical air purifier, you could buy a few types of houseplants to clean and filter air naturally and inexpensively.


  1. Pottery, Plant and Green Landscape: Trees, shrubs and other plants reduce your heating bill by protecting your home from the wind. And they can save you up to 50 per cent on air-conditioning costs by shading your home in the summers. Live greenery, natural fibers, water features and other decor items help you to create a green and soothing effect in your house. Using potted plants around the home could be a great idea. You can keep a bamboo plant, a money plant or a vase of fresh flowers in your living room to help enhance the aesthetics of your home. Also, it is important to maintain your lawns, gardens and yards, if you own one. To keep your home refreshing and calm, it is important to keep your environment and surrounding clean.


“More Energy Conserved, More the Plant Life is Reserved”


You don’t necessarily need extra time or money to play your part to look after the Earth. Just adopt these changes in your lifestyle and you could easily transform your home into a ‘GREEN HOME’.


Author Bio: Hope you enjoyed the article contributed by Green Energy Scotland Limited. They advice folks about renewable heat incentive scheme.