4 Great Decor Colour Combinations

Decorating is the perfect way to showcase your personality and add some brightness to your home. One of the most important things in decorating are the colours and it is important to find information about the use of different colours before you start adding them to your rooms.

To help you out here are four great décor colour combinations that work well and which you should try out.
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1. Aubergine And Grey-Green

One really lovely combination in décor is the deep colour of aubergine together with a subtler tone of grey-green. This works very well both ways.

If you want to be more experimental then paint your room with aubergine and use the lighter tones of grey and green around the room in fabrics and furniture. For a lighter look it of course works better the other way around.

This is a nice look for a kitchen or a living room. It can even work really nice in a guest room or bedroom, especially when you use the lighter greyish green as the main colour and add the aubergine with bedding and pillows, for instance.

2. Violet And Marigold

The combination of violet and marigold is a bit surprising but it works really well. It works the bests when you use the bright marigold as the main colour, for example paint the walls with it and then tone it down with violet. It looks amazing in a study and marigold even works in smaller rooms because it is such a bright colour so it makes a small room look bigger.

You can add violet to the room by getting, for example, a large rug on the floor or opting for a really nice violet sofa. This colour combination also allows you to add other shades to the room in a really simple way.

3. Orange And Blue

If you want to add something classic yet bold to your room then use the combination of blue and orange. This colour combination works perfectly yet it isn’t that often used. It achieves a really refreshing look to your home.

It goes quite well with a lot of different rooms because the colours are opposites and really balance each other out.

A really nice idea to add a centrepiece to your room is to go with a large orange and blue vinyl print on the wall. This way you get to enjoy the colour combination but it also doesn’t become too overbearing in the room. Check out Wall Art and other similar companies that provide vinyl prints.

4. Lime Green And Lemon Yellow

Another really fresh colour combination is to mix together lime green and lemon yellow. This surely adds a lot of brightness to the room and is therefore a really good decorative combination in the kitchen or dining room. It is very youthful and could therefore suit a teenager’s bedroom very well.

The Houzz website provides a lot of great suggestions for using lemon yellow and lime green as the main decorative colours. The key to using these colours together is to make sure that you also add some darker shades to the room and don’t go too neon lime and neon lemon with the colours. This might cause the room to be just a little bit too restless.

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Janet is a huge fan of decorating and she is especially passionate about adding more colour to people’s homes. Her own favourite colour combinations are all really bright although she has recently fallen in love with a deep velvety red.