3 Great Ways To Renovate Your Kitchen Without Breaking The Budget

DIY home improvement shows are a huge trend on television these days, so much that they’re even on secondary network channels that you don’t have to pay for. What that can tell you is that remodeling, or at least updating, the home is a growing hobby among people who otherwise wouldn’t have thought themselves DIYers.

Your kitchen is a great place to start if you’re getting the bug. You spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so it might as well be a place you enjoy being. If it’s gotten a little stale for you, here are some quick tips that’ll help you revitalize the kitchen into a seemingly new room in your home.

Change the cupboards

During remodels, people pay large amounts of money to rip out old cabinets and cupboards just because they want to change the style or color. If you’ve got the extra money, why not? But most of us don’t, so we need to find other options. Finding a new color for your outdated cabinetry could be just what you need. Maybe the answer for you is to pull off the old hardware and install new hinges and handles. That could be enough.

If not, though, here’s another idea: take off the doors. It’s kind of a radical idea, but in many kitchens it’s going to change the whole personality. It does a couple things: it makes the space feel more open, oddly enough, and it also forces you to keep the cupboards organized, which does a lot to make your kitchen feel tidier. If you like the idea of removing the doors but don’t want to keep them wide open, a cool curtain over the door could be a good idea.

Change the accessories

One of the main things, other than color, you see the hosts of the DIY shows do is to change the accessories. Here are a few ideas:

  • Update the fixtures: If your faucets are really old, finding a new, classy design will do a lot to change the look and feel of your kitchen.
  • Get different furniture: Especially if you’re going for a quirkier look in your kitchen, getting a couple funky, new chairs will help. Try something like a bentwood chair, or even go to an antique store and find some really interesting seats.
  • Change the lighting: Take your old lamp cover from the 80s and replace it with a hip one. It’s even possible that you want extra lighting, so an interesting track light system might be what you need.

Change the color

The easiest thing to do might be to change the color of your kitchen. Doing the walls in conjunction with changing cabinet colors is a good idea. A fresh coat of paint always does wonders to revitalize the feel of a room, and your kitchen is no different.

To get a little funkier, try adding different textures or patterns. For example, you can buy brick panels to give a slightly old-style look (painting it is usually a good idea). Alternatively, with stencils or even just taping off sections, you can paint a pattern on one of your walls to give it a cool accent.

These are just three ideas for your new kitchen. Spend some time on websites like HGTV or other similar sites or even a place like Pinterest to get some fantastic ideas that are sure to spark your own creativity. Every space is different, so you may not even find it practical to pull the doors off, but hopefully you’ve gotten some ideas flowing as a result.

Are you planning a DIY revamping of your kitchen? Tell us about it!

Eric Mitchell and his wife are planning on renovating their kitchen. However, they are on a tight budget so they need to find ideas that can help them save money.