3 Gorgeous Bathroom Remodel Ideas To Renew Your Home

The bathroom is an intimate, personal space in your home and even though you don’t spend lots of time in it, it still has to follow the style and design of the rest of your home. Apart from making it extra functional and safe,

it should be designed to make you feel relaxed. Who wouldn’t want a nice hot bath after an exhausting day with aromatherapy and calming music? Yes, you can transform your bathroom into a real spa experience. Here are three interesting and beautiful ideas on how to remodel it.

1.Wood and Marble Combo

Can you imagine how the combination of wood and marble will turn out? Just take a look at the picture above. You can choose a white marble composition of all the basic elements in the bathroom and add a wooden twist with the vanity cabinet and the mirror. Add some bamboo baskets and an antique wooden lamp to fit in the ambiance.

Regardless of the size of your bathroom, you can find wooden elements that will be appropriate in many designs and shapes. The combination is a reflection of nature and the white color on the walls will give a calming feel in general.

2. Modern Black Glamour

If what you are looking for is a burst of light into a black excellency, consider this design idea – huge black tiles and a white toilet and washbasin. Add additional lighting solutions to accentuate the mirror and include a long vertical bookcase element that will make the place even more personalized.

This design resembles the ones in ultra-famous city restaurants that are proud to call themselves urban. Therefore, choosing such a design will make your home a popular place for hangouts with friends, of course, provided that the rest of the place is designed in the same spirit as well.

3. Blue Lagoon Vibes

If you want your bathroom to give you vibes of a blue lagoon, then consider this design idea. The gorgeousness of the tiles with different shades of blue will achieve this effect while a huge circular mirror on the wall will fit perfectly. A large bathtub in plain white will be the right place to unwind and relax while Scandinavian style elements will give the place the vibe you are looking for.

Two wall sconces on each side of the mirror will create romantic lighting and you can transform the whole concept of bath time into an unforgettable spa experience.

Some Final Words

Designing the bathroom should be a fun experience. You should make sure that it is functional first and, second, that it has its own beauty that complements the design of your home. Always consult an interior designer or a virtual stager to give you their opinion on your home staging ideas so you can make reasonable decisions regarding budget, style, and additional expenses.