11 Indian Inspired Interior Design Ideas

Indian design has been admired in the UK for many hundreds of years and is the perfect style from homeowners who want to steer away from boring beige and make their homes into a reflection of their personality. So if you’d like to add a flavour of the exotic to your home and create a scheme that brings a smile to your face every time you walk through your front door then take a look at these 11 interior design ideas inspired by India.

  1. Bold Pattern

Indian designers aren’t afraid of bold patterns. Choose primary colours, spicy shades and bright or burnished jewel tones. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colours and patterns and add accents of bronze, silver and gold with mirrors, picture frames and ornaments.

  1. Natural Tones

If you prefer to keep things a little more subtle then opt for neutral tones on your walls with splashes of warm, soft and natural colours like terracotta, sandy yellow or paprika red thrown in. you can inject colour into your scheme with soft furnishings, rugs, or even get your old sofa or armchair recovered in a beautiful fabric to give a new lease of life.

  1. Colour Clash

Provided you’ve got an underlying theme, clashed colours and patterns will look fantastic. For a truly successful scheme, limit your colour palette to a choice of three or you could risk turning eclectic into a mish mash.

  1. Add Arches

It’s relatively easy to adorn doorways with ornate arches and add character and interest to a boring and boxy space. But if DIY’s not your strong suit then let a professional do it!

  1. Fab Flooring

Using hard flooring like tiles or painted wood will add to the Indian feel, provided you’ve got plenty of bold and bright patterned rugs to bring warmth and colour.

  1. Authentic Opulence

The UK has plenty of places to find authentic sari fabric which can be used to make curtains, table runners, cushions or any other soft furnishings.

  1. Unique Wall Art

A wonderful rug doesn’t have to go on the floor, it can just as easily be used as wall art. Look for rugs that feature paisley, swirls and geometric patterns. Or you can create the same effect more cheaply with sari fabric.

  1. Fun Fretwork

Fretwork is everywhere in Indian design and you can use it to edge shelves and create shutters, or choose authentic cabinets and cupboards that feature fretwork such as jali furniture which is responsibly sourced from India and sold throughout the UK.

  1. Solid Wood

The top Indian interior designers would balk at the thought of MDF so choose beautifully made solid wood furniture instead. It may be more expensive than mass made flat pack, but it’s also more attractive, more durable and more unique too.

  1. Glittering Accessories

There’s nothing Indian designers love more than a bauble so if you can’t resist shiny things then this style is perfect for you. Little statues, Indian gods, elephants and tigers are ideal. At night, light an abundance of candles housed in coloured glass holders and watch your shiny objects dance and come to life.

  1. Get Kitsch

Indian designers have no qualms about going kitsch so scour the antiques fairs and markets for fun odds and ends that will add humour, life and colour to your scheme.